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Platinum Key Service

The Platinum Key Service (PKS) provides long-term sustained support by the US Commercial Service for your firm's activities in the New Zealand market. Whether you need help in developing and implementing a market entry strategy, are involved in a major project or require sustained market information, the PKS will guarantee that you receive the long-term, focused support you need to achieve success.

As a Platinum Key Service client you will receive ongoing priority support for your marketing efforts in New Zealand. This market development service is defined in the scope of work statement that is specifically tailored to your unique needs. You will have a dedicated account executive who will help design and implement a strategy to meet your specific needs, provide you with a single point of contact, and oversee the delivery of all our services to you. Also, each month you will receive a progress report from your account executive.

Among the types of services that Platinum Key clients may elect to include are:

Consultations: In depth advice dedicated to specific client products/services
which is focused on specific client goals/objectives.

Early Alerts: Early business or project information on emerging business opportunities and major projects.

RFPs: Tender abstracts on published government projects.

Dispatches: Focused bimonthly intelligence, analysis, and commentary on emerging opportunities, market trends, client's needs. As appropriate, we will provide abstracts on relevant articles from major newspapers and other industry reports.

Dialog: E-mail, fax or telephone inquiries will be responded to on a priority basis, usually within 24 hours.

Special Events: Early notice on and priority treatment for US Commercial Service sponsored special events. e.g. roundtables, briefings, trade events, and meetings with industry/government players.

US Meetings: Commercial Service staff will be available for consultations during travel in the U.S.

Access to CS Services: Priority access to U.S. Embassy market information and services.

Tele- and Video-Conferences: Customized Tele- and Video-conferences.