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Customized Market Research

Customized Market Research (CMR) provides U.S. firms with customized, tailored information on Nigeria's markets. The service provides specific information for specific products or services. CMRs address issues such as the overall marketability of products or services, market trends or sizes, customary distribution and promotion practices, market entry requirements, product standards and registration procedures, key domestic and international competitors, and potential agents, distributors, or strategic partners. U.S. companies have the flexibility to design their own set of questions, or choose from a core menu of standardized questions.

The price and delivery time of an CMR report are determined by the complexity of questions posed, the effort required to complete the research, and the level of specificity required by the client. As such, final prices and report submission dates are negotiated between domestic offices (USEACs), our Commercial Office in Lagos, and your company. Due to staffing, workload and market challenges being currently experienced at Post, U.S. requestors may experience long delays. In such cases, they will be provided precise timelines as the service progresses.

To order this service, please contact the nearest U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC).