Jonathan Szucs Bio

Jonathan Szucs is the current General Manager of Advanced Superabrasives International. He received his Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree from Western Carolina University. Upon earning his degree he joined Advanced Superabrasives as an Engineer and quickly grew to love exporting and traveling. One of his biggest achievements is the exporting of a Superabrasive wheel to Mars on the Curiosity Rover. He currently spearheads all new markets for ASI and will be in charge of all international sales teams that ASI is forming next year. As part of his new duties, Jonathan is also in charge of training 3 new “Sales Engineers” in the art of international business for ASI. He will also be in charge of starting a second ASI facility in late 2013 in Hong Kong. Jonathan has also been nominated to join the NC District Export Council in 2014 and ASI is a current recipient of the Presidential “E” Award for exporting excellence.