Quick Facts-ND Exports

North Dakota’s exports increased 26% from $3.39 billion in 2011 to $4.29 billion in 2012. North Dakota was the 42th largest exporter among the 50 states in 2012 and had the 4th highest annual export growth rate.

North Dakota’s Top 10 Exporting Industries for 2012



2012 Exports (US$)

2011 Exports (US$)

% Increase/



Oil and Gas

1,182 M

740 M

+ 59.7%


Machinery, except electrical

1,154 M

1,033 M

+ 11.7%


Agricultural Products

504 M

558 M

(-) 9.7%


Food Manufacturers

357 M

235 M

+ 51.9%



334 M

189 M

+ 76.7%


Petroleum and Coal Products

183 M

65 M

+ 181.5%


Transportation Equipment

169 M

204 M

(-) 17.2%


Beverages and Tobacco Products

89 M

72 M

+ 23.6%


Computer and Electronic Products

62 M


(-) 11.4%


Electrical Equipment Appliances & Components

49 M

37 M

+ 32.4%

Source: Trade Stats Express

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U.S. Census Bureau

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TradeStats Express

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