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Gold Key Service

Unlock New Sales Opportunities in Pakistan


This is one of the U.S. Commercial Service's most effective and sought after service. Gold Key is a custom tailored service for U.S. firms planning to visit Pakistan. It combines market research, assistance in developing sound market strategy, orientation, briefings, introduction to potential partners, and effective follow-up planning.

Key Features

  • Our trade specialists will arrange appointments for you with prescreened potential buyers, sales representatives, and business partners
  • We will provide you comprehensive and customized market and industry briefing before your business meetings with local companies
  • Prior to your arrival you will receive an itinerary complete with names and contact information of firms you will meet along with their company product/service literature.
  • We will provide you assistance with travel, accommodations, interpreter service, and other logistics
  • You will receive post-meeting debriefing from our trade specialists to discuss results of your meetings and develop appropriate follow-up strategies
  • A video conferencing option is also available if your schedule does not permit you to travel

Cost of Gold Key Service


SME Company*

SME New-to-Export Company
Using Service for the First Time

Large Company*

1st Day




2nd Day




* A Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) is defined as a firm with 500 or fewer employees or self-certified as a small business under SBA regulations. A large company is defined as a firm with more than 500 employees. Subsidiaries will be classified based on the size of the parent company.

Facilities including transportation, telephone, fax, etc. are not included in this cost.

Ordering the Gold Key Service

Are you interested in availing a Gold Key Service in Pakistan? Please contact your nearest U.S. Export Assistance Center or contact us.

An advance notice of 6-7 weeks is required for delivery of this service.