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International Company Profile

Need Faster Credit Checks on Pakistani Partners

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The International Company Profile (ICP) provides you with background and legitimacy reports on companies and strategic partners in Pakistan. Our Commercial Specialists at the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Pakistan can analyze the overall strength of a company and can provide you useful information collected from various industry sources, local press, and other sources.

Key Features

  • Management
  • Business activities
  • Product/service lines
  • Financial condition
  • Credit-worthiness
  • Trading experience
  • Market coverage
  • Stature
  • Business connections in the country
  • Post evaluation/recommendation

We Provide

  • A detailed background report on prospective sales respective or partner
  • A listing of the company’s senior management
  • Banking and other financial information about the company
  • Our insight on whether the prospective partner can meet your requirement
  • Our vision as to the strength of the company verses its local competitors

Delivery: 30 business days

Ordering an ICP Report

Are you interested in availing a International Company Profile Report for Pakistan? Please contact your nearest U.S. Export Assistance Center(s) - USEACs or Contact Us.