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Major Projects in Panama

Panama is growing at 7% a year and is funneling significant resources into a number of projects in infrastructure, most notably the expansion of the Panama Canal. The Government of Panama has an extremely ambitious road map for these projects. The total investment in projects is variously estimated at $15-20 billion over the next 3-5 years. While U.S. companies will find it challenging to win the prime contract against entrenched players from Spain and Brazil, U.S. goods and services continue to win subcontracted portions of the business. Most of these major projects have design and/or specialty elements where U.S. companies excel. In addition, the proximity of the U.S. and the relative weakness of the dollar mean that construction equipment and consumables are often sourced by the prime contractors from U.S. suppliers or directly from distributors in Panama.

The Government of Panama’s Proinvex group within the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has created a presentation of most of the major projects. For your convenience, we have repackaged this report so that you can see it, in English, by clicking here.

The Government of Panama’s projects are listed here. If you are interested in pursuing business in any of these areas, please contact us for more information. We have helped other U.S. companies win subcontracting business and can help you do the same.

Government Investment

  • Expansion of the Panama Canal - $5.2 billion.
  • Panama Metro Line - $2.2 billion.
  • Road Projects - $1.1 billion.
  • Airport Expansion - $200 million.
  • Cold Chain distribution network - $65 million.
  • Government City - $360 million.
  • Financial Tower - $200 million.
  • Mining Projects (copper and gold) - $665 million in revenues projected.
  • Colombia – Panama Electrical Interconnection - $415 million.
  • Water Supply & Sanitation - $ 540 million.
  • Public Hospitals - $358 million.
  • Curundu Housing Project - $100 million. DONE Delivered Feb. 2012
  • Bridge of the Americas reconstruction - $80 million.
  • Air-Sea Stations - $37 million.
  • New Prisons - $156 million.
  • Energy Generation Projects – various, hydro/wind/LNG – over $1 billion.
  • Panama Pacifico – conversion of Howard Air Force Base to mixed use - $750 million.

Private Investment

  • Colon Free Trade Zone and transshipment ports expansion.
  • 20 new Hotel construction projects - $700 million.
  • Westland Mall - Grupo Los Pueblos - $200 million.
  • First Quantum in Minera Panama copper mine - $7.0 billion

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