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Additional Market Spotlights

Recommended Law Firms in Panama
We frequently recommend that U.S. companies retain legal counsel in Panama. Common examples for doing so include not only prospective foreign direct investment, but any contractual arrangements, where a local Panamanian company will be acting in some way on your behalf. The most common way for exporters to do more business here is through a representative, agent, or distributor. For more information on how the Commercial Service of the U.S. Embassy in Panama can help you locate and secure such a local presence, please review our services and contact us.

Building Materials in Panama
There is a significant amount of construction activity in Panama. The Government of Panama’s investment plan for infrastructure is ambitious; in addition to a $5 billion expansion of the Panama Canal and a $2 billion Metro for Panama City, there are hospitals, prisons, highway systems, airports, and hospitals on the drawing board. For a survey of the Government of Panama’s infrastructure plan, click here. In addition to public works, private sector investment in building continues at a solid rate. After reading the report, please review our services and contact us.

Pleasure Boats in Panama
The pleasure boat market has shown significant growth during the last seven years as a result of the dynamism of the Panamanian economy, the discovery of Panama as an excellent fishing place as well as its many tourist attractions, and the excellent logistics that the country offers including telecommunications, air connectivity, banking and hotel availability. Marina construction is booming as the demand for boat facilities continues to increase. After reading the report, please review our services and contact us.

Franchise Sector in Panama
Panama’s franchising sector is very dynamic and offers excellent opportunities for U.S. franchisors. Panama is highly receptive to U.S. franchise concepts and the economy has shown strong and consistent growth over the last decade. About 95 percent of the total number of franchises in the country are foreign. There are only a few local franchises, limited to the food sector. The U.S. is the market leader but competition is increasing from Central America, Colombia, and some European countries. We believe that franchising represents one of Panama’s top U.S. export prospects. After reading these two reports, please review our services and contact us.

Energy Sector in Panama
Panama’s Energy Sector is Booming. Panama’s solid GDP growth, expansion of the Panama Canal, and a number of other infrastructure projects have led to an aggressive road map for increasing the installed base of energy generation. In addition, plans for regional integration of transmission and a growing recognition of the importance of more efficient use of energy represent significant opportunities for U.S. companies in this sector over the next 3 – 5 years.

In addition to the above report that we have prepared, two other publications may be of interest for U.S. companies in this sector. The first is a presentation (in Spanish, but fairly understandable due to its emphasis on graphs/maps) made by the Secretary of Energy of the Government of Panama. It gives an overview of how the Government in Panama views the energy landscape for the next two years. Click here to see it. Finally, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has published a comprehensive regional report on renewable energy options. Included in the report is an assessment of what U.S. goods and services may benefit the most from investments in this sector. Click here to see this report.

After reading these reports, please review our services and contact us in order to explore export opportunities. There are additional reports on commercial opportunities in Panama and in the 80 other countries in which we operate. These reports are available through our Commercial Service Market Research Library. You may be required to register but full content access is free. Click here to access it. If you do not find information on a specific market sector, please contact us. We may be able to help you with customized market intelligence.