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Trade Events in the U.S. and Panama

U.S. Trade Events for Exporting to or through Panama

Panama’s proximity to the U.S. and its reputation as a trading society mean that Panamanians are much more inclined to travel abroad – and especially to the U.S. and the Southeast Asian countries – to participate in trade events. The U.S. Commercial Service in Panama actively assists Panamanian buyers, particularly those located in the Colon Free Trade Zone who sell products throughout Latin America, with participation in U.S. shows through the International Buyer Program.

The U.S. Commercial Service’s International Buyer Program recruits thousands of qualified foreign buyers, sales representatives, and business partners to U.S. trade shows each year, giving your exhibitors excellent opportunities to expand business globally. Latin American buyers who purchase U.S. goods and services both for export to Panama and through Panama’s Colon Free Trade Zone are frequent travelers to these shows.

Please click here to see a concise listing of all the International Buyer Program shows. If you’d like assistance, please contact us for more information on how to take advantage of this export opportunity.

Panama Trade Events

Expocomer is Panama’s largest trade event. For more information on exhibiting at this show, which is not sector-specific, please review the event website for more details and then contact us.

There are a number of smaller sector-specific events that we can help you investigate. Please contact us for more information.