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  • Jim Head, Analytical Graphics Inc.:  “The Trade Winds team including those of the JUSMAG office offered fair and balanced assessments of the AFP’s requirements and capabilities and managed expectations (mine) professionally. I want to also highlight CS Manila’s work in coordinating our company’s visit to the Philippines. The access we achieved was superb and the management of my visit was seamless and professional. CS Manila staff did an outstanding job in all respects.”
  • Christian Murray, Jetrock, Inc. – “We are very happy with the service and support that we received from the Commercial Service team in Manila, Philippines. We were first introduced to our new customer through the 2013 Trade Winds program. Bebe Montesines was a huge help in identifying and qualifying our new customer. She personally drove me to the customers office and helped with translation where needed. She also arranged for meetings with end customers (hotels, restaurants) which led to orders for our new customer. On subsequent trips, both Bebe and Jim McCarthy met with our International Salesman to assist with any matters we were working through. I fully expect that this customer will do $100,000’s of business with us in the years to come. By the way, all our products are 100% manufactured in the U.S. and of U.S. origin.

Keep these types of programs going as they are a great help for a small growing company like us.”

  • Scott Chorna, Focus Brands: “The Trade Winds Mission has provided a great opportunity to get valuable insight from key government and industry leaders on the Philippines market.  Even more important, we have been able to meet excellent companies that are strong candidates in the B2B meetings and networking events that have been arranged.  I have been travelling to the Philippines since 2004 and I am very encouraged to see the positive economic development that is taking place in the country starting a few years ago.  We are very encouraged about the overall economic conditions and our prospects for development of this important and strategic market, and are happy to be a part of the Trade Winds Mission.”
  • Richard Somiari, ITSI Biosciences: “This is my first visit to the Philippines… the interest and potential for business has exceeded my expectation. I am very excited I had the opportunity to come to the Philippines, the prospect for business is positive and I am already looking forward to coming back.”
  • Jun Magpayo, North American Rescue, LLC: “The schedule set up by Trade Winds team are well coordinated and targeted to key decision makers that  I think I won't be able to do  on my own. It's an awesome idea to have that reception at the Ambassador's residence with all my key decision makers attending, it gives my company more credibility.    Excellent job by Yna and her team.  I appreciate all the hard work of the Trade Winds Team.
  • Seth Rockmacher, ResinTech Inc:  The Trade Winds Program is a very effective tool for small U.S. Businesses.  It has provided me face-to-face meetings with decision makers from targeted customers in a region of the world that traditionally has belonged to only my competitors.  Without the dedication of the US Commercial Service, I do not think my business trip would have been so successful.       
  • Bob Southwick, Director -  International Franchise/Circle K (Gold Key Service client)- “(Y)our efforts from U.S. Commercial Service were tremendous in bringing the Suy Sing Group and Circle K together. And without your help through U.S. Commercial Services, none of this would be possible. We are most appreciate and grateful for your support and that of U.S. Commercial Service colleagues around the globe. I shall be contacting many of them shortly. Thank you.”
  • Sudhir Shah, CEO/ID Fish Technology (Gold Key Service client)- “The staff in Manila was great!”
  • Ken Fearday, EVP/RiceTec Inc. (Market Research client)- “The quality of information received was much higher than my expectations. An outstanding level of service was provided to our company by US Dept. of Commerce.”
  • Ramon Castillo, President , CMF Global (Business Facilitation Service client)- "I have had many dealings with the US Commercial Service office in Manila since 2007. They have always been extremely helpful to me and my company. I would recommend their services to any U.S. Company that needs guidance on how to do business in the Philippines. They have my sincere gratitude!"
  • Fernando Villanueva, Saber Pointe LLC (Gold Key Service client)- “The services provided--meetings, accommodation, and country information; by the U.S. Commercial Service were extremely helpful and instrumental in making my initial trip to Manila productive and promising. The Philippine-based businesses I met with all expressed interest in U.S.-based products and expressed desire to import goods in their respective industries. I will definitely subscribe to the services again in the future.”
  • Ramón Miró, VP Business Development, ADC&HAS Airports Worldwide (Business Facilitation Service client)- “Very friendly, proactive, forthcoming with solutions and willing to help out at all times.  We are very pleased with the service provided and the relationships developed.”
  • Sebastiene Dufrene, Regional Sales Manager, Basler Electric Company (Gold Key Service client)- “Overall, the Gold Key Service is a very satisfying experience and I appreciated the exchanges during the weeks prior to the appointments in Manila. It was a good constructive approach to select the companies for the appointments.”


  • Scott McDaniel, Director, International Development, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers (Gold Key Service client)- “We had a excellent set of meetings in Manila that were organized by the local CS office. The commercial specialists in Manila organized multiple meetings with high quality companies. They were also extremely hospitable and clearly put in the extra effort necessary to organize meetings with candidates that were qualified and genuinely interested. We are currently in advanced communication with some of these companies to reach a possible partnership.”