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Market Research on Poland

- Industry Sector Analysis Reports
- Country Commercial Guide 2014
- Customized Market Research

Industry Sector Analysis (ISA) Reports

Industry Sector Analysis (ISA) Reports are concise (up to 10 pages) market research reports being prepared by our commercial specialists1 on selected industry sectors.

The reports focus on:

  • Market potential and demand trends
  • Market size and import statistics
  • Competition
  • Market access
  • Regulations and standards
  • Distribution practices
  • Best sales prospects
  • End-users
  • Key industry contacts

You can receive the ISA reports of your interest by sending us the order to the following e-mail: office.warsaw@trade.gov

The reports in electronic version are free of charge and are available for U.S. companies only.

Available ISA Reports:


  • Higher Education 2012


  • Clean Coal Technologies 2011
  • Construction Equipment Market 2011
  • Energy Efficiency ESCO 2011
  • Gas Drilling Equipment 2011
  • General Aviation Equipment Market 2011
  • Hunting and Sport Shooting 2011
  • Municipal Water and Wastewater Opportunities 2011
  • Pet Products 2011
  • Process Controls 2011


  • Agricultural Machinery and Equipment 2010
  • An Overview of the Aerospace Market 2010
  • Apparel Sector 2010
  • Cellular Communication 2010
  • CNC Machine Tools 2010
  • Cosmetics Market in Poland 2010
  • Defense Market 2010
  • Franchising Sector 2010
  • Green Building Market 2010
  • Healthcare/Medical Market 2010
  • Oil & Gas Exploration Sector 2010
  • Travel and Tourism Sector 2010

  • Beauty Care Franchise Sector in Poland 2009
  • Energy Efficiency 2009
  • Information and Communication Technologies 2009
  • Paper and Paperboard Market 2009
  • Plastic Processing Industry 2009
  • Aerospace Market - Overview 2008
  • Indoor Air Quality Equipment 2008
  • Military Procurement 2008
  • Paper and Paperboard Market 2008
  • Pumps for Water and Wastewater Industry 2008
  • Automotive Styling and Tuning 2007
  • Biofuels Market 2007
  • Civil Aviation Market 2007
  • Defense Market in Poland 2007
  • E-Commerce B2B 2007
  • E-Commerce B2C 2007
  • Insurance Services Market 2007
  • Renewable Energy Sources 2007
  • Safety and Security Market 2007
  • Shopping Centers Development 2007
  • Toys and Games 2007

Poland Country Commercial Guide

The Country Commercial Guide (CCG) presents a comprehensive look at Poland's commercial environment using economic, political, and market analysis. The CCGs were established by recommendation of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC), a multi agency task force, to consolidate various reporting documents prepared for the U.S. business community. Country Commercial Guides are prepared annually at American Embassies through the combined efforts of several U.S. government agencies.

You may download the Country Commercial Guide 2012 in pdf format.

Customized Market Research

The Customized Market Research (CMR) service provides U.S. companies with customized, individualized information on overseas markets on a quick turn-around basis.

As its name implies, "Customized Market Research" is not intended to be rigid in nature. CMR is a solutions-based service. The Customized Market Research service is for use by any U.S. company seeking specific market information for their product or service. Typically CMR offers information on the overall marketability of products or services, market trends and size, customary distribution and promotion practices, market entry requirements, regulations, product standards and registration, key competitors, and potential agents, distributors, or strategic partners.

Cost: Depends on the time required to deliver the service ($42.40/hour)

Delivery: Depends on the complexity of the service.

Contact person: Contact our Commercial Representative, Barbara Grabowska to apply for this service.