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Partnership with America’s Seaports to Further the National Export Initiative

Welcome to the home page of the Partnership with America’s Seaports to Further the National Export Initiative – the new joint effort between the American Association of Port Authorities, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, and interested seaports to help you enter the global marketplace and increase America’s exports.

America’s seaport activities are vitally important to our economy. For many exporters, their seaports are their nexus to the global economy. This makes them ideal partners in your effort to learn how to expand your global sales and your market presence worldwide.

Over 95% of the world’s consumers are located outside the United States. To help you reach them, President Obama created the National Export Initiative, a government-wide effort to double America’s exports by the end of 2014 to support millions of jobs here at home.

Please register below to access the Federal export assistance resources available to you. These resources will help you expand your business and reach vast new markets. With our help, and the help of your local port, you’ll be growing your export business in no time.


America’s export growth relies on our ability to focus and leverage all available export promotion resources to help U.S. companies succeed in the global marketplace. By working together to do so, we can achieve the export growth, job creation, and national economic recovery and development goals that are at the heart of President Obama’s National Export Initiative.

Our new Partnership was launched on July 19, 2011, in a ceremony led by Under Secretary for International Trade Francisco J. Sánchez and American Association of Port Authorities President Kurt Nagle.  For more information on our Partnership, please visit the Under Secretary’s blog post for the event and e-mail

For more information on America’s seaports, and detailed data on their importance to our economy, please visit the following resources:

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