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Welcome to U.S. Commercial Service Portugal!

The U.S. Commercial Service Portugal at the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon is your eyes and ears in the marketplace. We promote the exports of U.S. goods and services into the Portuguese market and inward investment into the United States.

Our Commercial Specialists will help you identify trade opportunities, find local business partners, launch your company, promote your products and services, obtain valuable market research reports, and protect your Intellectual Property Rights.

Our services include due diligence, market research, matchmaking, promotion of U.S. products and services at trade events and so much more.

We can also help Portuguese companies find the best U.S. suppliers. Please visit our buyusa.gov/Portugal website for details.

Portugal at a Glance
  • Population: 10.8 million
  • Capital: Lisbon
  • Official Language: Portuguese
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • U.S. Exports to Portugal (2013): $835.3 million
  • U.S. Imports from Portugal (2013): $2.8 billion
Map of Portugal