How can I find foreign buyers for my RE & EE product?

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Trade events

Trade events provide venues for U.S. exporters to meet international buyers, distributors, or representatives.

By organizing trade missions and educational seminars, by providing matching or export counseling services at trade shows, and by recruiting buyer delegations to U.S. trade shows, the U.S. government helps U.S. exporters expand global sales at trade events.

  • Trade missions: U.S. RE&EE exporters can benefit from increased access and prestige by traveling as part of a U.S. government trade delegation. U.S. Department of Commerce trade missions gain the attention of local and national government representatives, business leaders, and media in international markets.
  • Reverse trade missions: U.S. Trade and Development Agency conferences and reverse trade missions provide U.S. RE&EE exporters with the opportunity to meet with key foreign decision makers without leaving the United States. The International Buyer Program offered by the U.S. Commercial Service also recruits groups of buyers, representatives, and distributors from its overseas posts to attend domestic trade shows.
  • Trade shows: The presence of U.S. government agencies at major domestic venues and the U.S. Commercial Service’s regional promotion and trade fair certification for overseas trade shows provide U.S. RE&EE exporters with myriad opportunities to develop business contacts with foreign buyers.

Export counseling

The U.S. government provides U.S. companies with reliable information and personalized counseling and services at every step of the exporting process – from strategy and planning to financing and logistics to market entry and expansion to advocacy and dispute resolution.

  • Matchmaking services: The U.S. Commercial Service’s business matchmaking maximizes U.S. companies’ business development efforts. Trade professionals help identify, screen, and meet prospective partners, agents, distributors, and customers through contact lists, partner searches, and personalized business matchmaking, as well as in-country promotions.
  • Virtual and online resources: Exporters can use videoconferencing to interview international contacts, to obtain a briefing from overseas industry specialists on prospects and opportunities, or to develop a custom solution to specific international business needs. Exporters can also search a database of trade leads from international firms and foreign governments. Companies can put their names in a directory for foreign buyers.
  • Export Assistance Centers: The U.S. Commercial Service or the U.S. Small Business Administration may have an office nearby. Trade professionals at these centers make selling internationally easier for U.S. companies.

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