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Visit to CEZ Group's Wind Farm

On November 2, CS Bucharest visited the Fantanele site of what will be the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, with a total capacity of 600 MW, approximately double the size of the largest current operational wind farm in Europe. The investor is the CEZ Group (http://www.cez.ro/) and project management is ensured by the American firm Continental Wind Partners (www.continentalwind.com).

The Fantanele site will have 139 turbines of 2.5 MW each and the second phase (Cogeleac) will entail an additional 101 turbines, to be fully operational in 2011. The wind turbines are provided by the U.S. supplier GE (http://www.ge.com/).

Cross Section of PylonWind Farm CEZ and GEGE TurbineGE Turbine Nose Cone

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