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In October 2011, Commercial Service Romania recruited and led a delegation of Romanian water companies to the US. The delegation participated in WEFTEC 2011 held at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, and visited the Ward’s Island facility in New York City that was organized specifically for this trade delegation.

The trade delegation was welcomed to Los Angeles by the DOC Environmental Team. Maria Nitoiu of the Commercial Service in Romania and Jasmine Braswell of the Irvine USEAC facilitated meetings with U.S. vendors of water technologies.

The trade show was followed by a spin off visit to New York where a visit to the Ward’s Island wastewater treatment plant was facilitated with the help of Dawn Bruno, NYC USEAC.

The Ward’s Island Wastewater Treatment Plant demonstrates the first application of the SHARON@ process in North America and is currently the largest in the world. The SHARON® (Stable High rate Ammonia Removal over Nitrite) process is a compact and robust technology that removes nitrogen from wastewater. The U.S. company, AECOM is implementing this project.

The delegation was briefed by Keith Beckmann from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the AECOM Project Management Team.

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