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RACC’s Second Annual U.S.-Romanian Business Seminar

The Romanian American Chamber of Commerce (RACC) scheduled its second annual “GO USA! Roadshow“ business conference in three Romanian cities - Bucharest, Cluj, and Timisoara on November 5-9, 2012. The Bucharest seminar focused on the themes: “Is America Open for Business?” and “Overcoming Obstacles to U.S. Entrepreneurship”. The seminar was designed for Romanian entrepreneurs seeking to establish a presence in the United States. The RACC asked CS Bucharest to use its contact database to promote the event in Bucharest since “Select USA” is an initiative under the US Department of Commerce, whose goal is to increase foreign direct investment. CS Bucharest supported the event which enjoyed a good turnout. In addition, CS Bucharest provided talking points related to the “Select USA” topic, since the seminar in Bucharest benefited by the presence of H.E. Mark Gitenstein, the US Ambassador. 

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