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Market Research

Industry Sector Analysis Report

Broad industry research reports on different industry sectors written by our Commercial Specialists. The reports include: market highlights & best prospects, statistical data, competitive analysis, end-user analysis, market access and key contacts information. Check our web site: http://www.export.gov, for further details.

Customized Market Research

Have specific questions about a market you need answered? Will your product(s) sell? Are there specific standards your product must meet in order to be sold? What distribution channels should you consider? These and other questions can be answered by in-country trade specialists through our Customized Market Research, tailored to the need of particular U.S. company. The cost of this program starts at $250 and increases depending on the complexity of the research requested. Delivery date may vary by product category.

To order on-line this service, all you have to do is to fill in the Pre-registration form.

Romanian Commercial Guide

The Romanian Country Commercial Guide (CCG) presents a comprehensive look at Romania's commercial environment using economic, political, and market analysis. The CCGs were established by recommendation of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC), a multi agency task force, to consolidate various reporting documents prepared for the U.S. business community. Country Commercial Guides are prepared annually at American Embassies through the combined efforts of several U.S. government agencies.