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Alexia Zottu

Even though my internship at the CS Bucharest lasted for only a month and a half, it has been an immensely rewarding experience, where I was given the opportunity to work with a team of real professionals. During this period I managed to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired at the university and learn new things, just as valuable. I have discovered new insights into the international trade, I have learned how to make a market research, analysis and report, and helped the team with various challenging tasks. In a hectic working environment, their constant care, support and availability to answer my questions have made me want to discover new things and always be willing to help out and learn as much as possible from their work. Having great mentors to look up to, I have developed useful skills that will help me from now on in my future career, I have learned how important teamwork is in accomplishing a task, and improved my communicational and interpersonal skills. All in all, my internship at the CS Bucharest has helped me grow both personally and professionally, and I kindly recommend it to any student interested in economics, foreign affairs or international business.

exia Zottu

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