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Elizabeth Rivard

As a student of development economics, I was drawn to the opportunity to do an internship at CS Bucharest as a way to complement my studies of transition economies. Also, Romania’s unique business environment and economy, combined with their recent entry into to the European Union, makes it a great example of how a country can experience economic growth.

My internship in August 2007 was a great way to learn first-hand how the U.S. Commercial Service operates, as well as a great opportunity to gain work experience abroad. I was primarily involved in coordinating the attendance of approximately 200 people at a reception in honor of American volunteers that were part of a trip performing surgeries and offering free medical care in Romania, but I also assisted in editing market research reports and other similar projects.

Finally, the staff at CS Bucharest are great role models for any student. Not only are they extremely professional and amazing at what they do, but they were so welcoming and concerned with making sure I had a great experience.

 Intern Elizabeth Rivard and US Commercial Attache

 Intern Elizabeth Rivard in the CS Bucharest Office

 Intern Elizabeth Rivard and CS Romania Team

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