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Maria-Magdalena Stancioi

Student at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

For one month, in January 2009, I had the opportunity to be part of the CS Bucharest team and I can tell that this was an enriching experience. This internship allowed me to get involved into market research, translation of market intelligence and the preparation of a promotional event for an American company. Moreover, I had the great advantage to help preparing the annual Country Commercial Guide for Romania, for which I attended meetings and closely worked with the CS Trade Specialists.

During this month I also improved my communication skills and my teamwork capabilities.

Nonetheless, what really made my experience so valuable were the people employed at CS Bucharest, who are not only great professionals, but also great characters.  Very soon after I started, I became an integral part of the team and I always felt I was treated as a colleague and not only as a temporary intern. The atmosphere promoted in the office is a very positive one, encouraging respect and cooperation.

gda Stancioi & Keith Kirkham

The tasks received and the persons I worked with made sure that my learning curve during this period was a very steep one. For this reason, I am grateful for being given the chance to pursue this internship and I recommend it to every undergraduate or graduate student who wants to develop professional skills and gain experience in the field of international trade.

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