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Paul Maximilian Bisca

MA student at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Bologna, Italy & Washington, DC

The initial reasoning behind my decision to apply for an internship with the U.S. Commercial Service in Romania was to spend a fruitful summer in between college and graduate school. The experience proved to be as insightful as it was productive: I learned the first steps of commercial diplomacy and became more aware of my broader academic interests and professional aspirations.

The main project I worked on was the organization of the 2008 Black Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition. This is the largest military trade show in Southeastern Europe and assisting the commercial specialist in charge of the event taught me much about Romania's defense market and the country's role in the regional defense architecture. It also influenced me in choosing to specialize in Strategic Studies, a field whose scope encompasses these topics.

ul Maximilian Bisca

Perhaps the most exciting part of the internship was attending meetings between the Commercial Service team and various clients. These conversations were not only instructive in learning about Romanian-American business ties, but they also required editing market intelligence reports or writing briefings.

I therefore warmly recommend it to anyone interested in international affairs, be it trade relations or otherwise -- you will be challenged by your work and by a team of dedicated, rigorous and fun individuals. For more information, you can reach me at pbisca@gmail.com

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