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General Market Research on Russia

Our highly qualified specialists at the U.S. Commercial Service in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok are constantly collecting information about a broad range of industry sectors in Russia for your use. Let us know how we can help you meet your market research needs.

Every year, our trade professionals put together basic market information about a range of industry and service sectors in Russia. Perhaps our best-known report is the "Country Commercial Guide", an overview of the Russian economy that is updated every year. The information in this 100+ page report includes political framework, business cultural tips, best prospects for U.S. businesses, macroeconomic forecasts, and more.

Shorter market briefs and studies (2-10 pages) target sectors which are experiencing high growth levels and which represent the best prospects for U.S. exporters. Among the market reports currently available are overviews of the telecommunications and IT sectors, e-commerce, energy, automotive, aerospace, and more.

To obtain this information, please contact CS Russia industry specialist or visit http://export.gov/mrktresearch for our Market Research Library.