Catalog Exhibitions

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Looking for export sales leads?
Let our catalog shows put your products on the map!

We offer you a convenient, affordable way to stimulate interest in your firm's products and services from the comfort of your office.

U.S. Commercial Service trade specialists located in international markets will translate your company profile into the local language, display your marketing materials, collect sales leads from interested local buyers, and then assist you as you follow up with the local contacts.

3 Types to Choose from:

Multi-State Catalog Exhibitions

  • Target four or more promising international markets.
  • Promote across 20 or more high-demand sectors.
  • In partnership with State Economic Development Agencies.

American Product Literature Centers

  • Target a single promising international market.
  • Focus on a single industry sector.
  • Typically take place at a leading industry trade show.

U.S. Embassy/Consulate-sponsored exhibits

  • Target a single promising international market.
  • Managed by a U.S. Embassy or Consulate

What you need to know:

For all three types of Catalog Events the U.S. Commercial Service will:

  • Coordinate support from local chambers of commerce, industry associations, and other trade groups.
  • Provide you with trade leads generated by each exhibition.
  • Help you capitalize on your leads by providing any needed export assistance.

Participating companies will:

  • Provide catalogs and other marketing materials showcasing you firm's products, services, and technology in a timely manner.
  • Provide your firm's business objectives to the U.S. Commercial Service for these target markets.
  • Identify a contact in your company who will follow up with the trade leads after the event.
  • Follow up in a timely manner on all trade leads, leveraging assistance from U.S. Commercial Service staff and/or state trade specialists.

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