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Notes on Saudi Culture, Customs, and Business Etiquette


The web sites listed below are recommended reading for business visitors to Saudi Arabia, especially first-time business visitors.  They present an overview of Saudi culture, customs, and etiquette.  Saudi culture is very different from the American and is intertwined with the state religion, Islam, to a degree that is surprising to most Americans.  A foreign business person who is either ignorant of, or insensitive to, Saudi customs and etiquette, and is perceived as ignorant and/or disrespectful of Islam, needlessly jeopardizes his company’s prospects in this country.  An elementary knowledge of the everyday Arabic-language greetings is also useful, although not required.  We hope that CS clients will find the contents of these web sites useful as they prepare for a business trip to Saudi Arabia or for dealing with Saudi business travelers in the United States.

Kwintessential — Saudi Arabia: Language, Culture, Customs, and Etiquette

The Saudi Network — Business and Social Customs in Saudi Arabia

Culture Crossing — Saudi Arabia