Pricing, Tariffs, Shipping & Licensing

The methods to determine appropriate pricing, tariff rate and ideal method of shipping for your product(s) are no different for e-commerce transactions than they are for other transactions. For convenience, the following subject headings link to additional information on these topics available on

Pricing Your Product

The process of shipping and pricing goods purchased over the Internet is identical to those purchased via other means except for products delivered digitally over the Internet (i.e., music, videos, games, software, etc.), which are downloaded from a web site.

Determining Tariff Rates

Find import tariff rates by country for your product(s). Account for tariff rates when pricing your product.

Shipping Your Product

Research information on shipping, logistics, required documentation, and service providers that can help facilitate getting your products to port and through foreign customs.

Note that a Shippers Export Declaration is not required for "intangible exports of software and technology, such as downloaded software and technical data (i.e., software delivered electronically), including technology and software that requires an export license and mass market software exported electronically." This is true regardless of value.

Export License Requirements

Most export transactions do not require specific approval from the U.S. Government. The Department of Commerce has jurisdiction over "dual use" exports (commercial items which could have military applications) as well as purely commercial items. Other U.S. government agencies regulate more specialized exports. For example, the U.S. Department of State has authority over defense articles and defense services. Before shipping your product, make sure you have determined the export license requirements for your transaction.