E-Commerce Toolbox

The Internet’s global reach has made possible a cost-effective means for marketing products and services overseas. Companies that establish a corporate web site, which publicizes their products and services, provides an electronic mechanism for safe and secure electronic transactions, features order tracking, and lists products’ technical specifications can easily apply electronic commerce to international marketing. Small and medium sized companies can marshal available resources to broaden market presence internationally by adopting some of these e-commerce or electronic business practices.

Here You Will Find...

This site brings together information and resources the U.S. Department of Commerce and other U.S. government agencies offer to U.S. businesses interested in using the Internet to increase exports.

E-Export Resources

This 2011 U.S. Commercial Service manual provides the information you’ll need to complete international sales and discusses how to integrate that information into your business operations from the very beginning of the sales-and-fulfillment process. This manual draws on the experiences of businesses that are now exporting throughout the world; we’ve included their stories as case studies to help you export successfully.

I have an overseas order... How do I fill it?

Congratulations! You've successfully marketed your product overseas. Learn how to negotiate pricing, ship your product, get paid, and lay the groundwork for future sales and service.