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Customized Market Research

CUSTOMIZED MARKET RESEARCH provides U.S. firms with customized information on overseas markets. Our in-country experts help U.S. small and medium-sized businesses develop a clear picture of the export prospects for specific products in any given market. You'll get customized market research reports that address your particular questions regarding overall marketability of your products and services; market trends and size; customary distribution and promotion practices; market entry requirements; regulations; product standards and registration; key competitors; potential agents, distributors or strategic partners; and more. The service provides the standard set of nine CMA questions listed as follows:

  • Does the product appear to have potential in the Market?
  • Who is supplying a competitive product locally?
  • What are the usual sales channels for getting this type of product into the market?
  • What is the going price for comparable products in this market?
  • Are purchases of these products primarily influences by price or other competitive factors, such as credit, quality, delivery, service, promotion, brand, etc.?
  • What is the best way to get sales exposure in the market?
  • Are there any significant impediments to selling this type of product in the market?
  • Who might be interested and qualified to represent or purchase this company's product in the market?
  • If a licensing or joint venture strategy seems desirable for this market, who might be an interested and qualified partner for the U.S. Company?

Delivery: 60 days upon receipt of the product literature and fees

For more information, send email to Ms. WONG Ailan for more details.