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International Company Profile (ICP)

The International Company Profile (ICP) helps U.S. companies evaluate potential business partners in South Africa by providing a detailed report on those companies which have been personally visited by a Trade Specialist or Commercial Officer of the U.S. Commercial Service. Clients can request answers to detailed questions about South African companies on a variety of issues and receive expert advice from our Commercial Specialists about the relative strength of the firm in its market and its reliability.

For more information contact: mike.calvert@trade.gov

Note: Additional fee will apply for site visits outside Gauteng (Greater Johannesburg & Pretoria) and the greater Cape Town area, to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Cost: $600 for companies with 500 or fewer employees, $900 for companies with more than 500 employees and $350 for companies with 500 or fewer employees - that are exporting for the first time.

Delivery: 20 Business days (Contingent on Local Firm's Availability)

Partner Search (IPS) the next best thing to traveling to South Africa

The "International Partner Search" helps you find potential agents, distributors or other partners without leaving the U.S. We will contact potential South African partners using the marketing materials you provide, and identify the companies that are interested and capable of becoming a viable representative for you in South Africa. Our report on these companies includes: contact information and profiles, local market product evaluation, competition from local or third-country firms and more!

For more information contact mike.calvert@trade.gov CS South Africa for more information.

Cost: $550 for companies with 500 or fewer employees, $1,400 for companies with more than 500 employees and $350 for companies with 500 or fewer employees, who are exporting for the first time

Delivery: 30 days

Gold Key Appointment Service (GKS)

The Gold Key appointment service provides visiting American firms with pre-qualified and pre-screened meetings with potential overseas agents, distributors, sales representatives and strategic business partners. The program features appointments with South African firms, background and contact information on each potential partner, product or service lines, after-sales service capability, market research and a market briefing and debriefing with U.S. Commercial Service staff.

Note: Additional fee will apply for visits outside Gauteng (Greater Johannesburg & Pretoria) and the greater Cape Town area, to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Cost: $700 for companies with 500 or fewer employees, $2,300 for companies with more than 500 employees and $350 for companies with 500 or fewer employees- that are exporting for the first time.

Delivery: Please allow 6 weeks to prepare

To discuss this service for South Africa or as a multi-stop in Cape Town and Johannesburg,

For more information contact mike.calvert@trade.gov

Single Company Promotion (SCP)

Commercial Service South Africa provides a full range of services to U.S. companies or their South African subsidiaries wishing to promote a product or service to an invited group of up to 100 people. Promotions are usually held in the U.S. Consulate in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban. Depending on your requirements, we offer the venue hire, invitations, audio-visual equipment, a targeted audience of potential clients, and media outreach. Catering can be arranged for an additional fee.

For more information please contact mike.calvert@trade.gov

Cost: Base fee of $350. Catering, invitations, and audio-visual equipment charged separately.

Delivery: 6 weeks

Contact Lists

Using our well-maintained databases of South African contacts, our Direct Marketing Services provides a comprehensive list to suit your requirements, thereby optimizing your workload through dispensing with the necessity of seeking out appropriate service providers.

The Direct Marketing service includes the distribution of letters and invitations to assist you in promoting your events or distribution of sales materials to the right market.

If you would prefer to make contact potential buyers directly, then our qualified staff assists U.S. firms in providing targeted and good-quality contact lists for their particular and specific marketing needs.

For more information contact mike.calvert@trade.gov

Cost: Direct Marketing Service- $450 and up, Contact List- $250 and up

Delivery: 2-5 working days

Feature Your Company on our Website

Looking for sales leads or potential sales representatives in South Africa and Southern Africa?

Register as a Featured U.S. Exporter (FUSE)!

CS South Africa offers a listing for qualified* U.S. companies on our website, which target local importers and commercial buyers.

We will post a description of the product or service for which you are seeking representation, distribution or sales prospects, along with an appropriate image, to our on-line directory of U.S. exporters.

Interested importers are encouraged to contact our office and once we have confirmed their interest and contact information, we will forward the trade inquiry to you. However, as there is no language barrier between South Africa and the USA, you may find some buyers contact you directly.

To receive your listing, simply complete the form on the BUYUSA.gov homepage http://www.buyusa.gov/home/fuse.html where you can sign up - not only for a South Africa listing - but for all countries participating in this program.

Cost: $150 for companies with 500 or fewer employees, $300 for companies with more than 500 employees and $75 for companies with 500 or fewer employees - that are exporting for the first time.

For more information, contact sifiso.twala@trade.gov

*Required qualifications are listed here. Due to the volume of response to this offer, we will not be able to respond directly to companies who do not meet these minimum criteria and are not accepted for publication online.

Flexible market research (FMR)

The primary value of this research is to answer your questions about the South African market and enable you to make a go/no go decision. Research can include contact lists of potential distributors, competition, market entry issues, a quick take on a specific industry sector, market size, market trends, or regulatory issues, etc.

For more information, contact: mike.calvert@trade.gov

Cost: $3,000 per report

Delivery: Approximately 60 days after order and subject to confirmation

Initial Market Check (IMC)

With the Initial Market Check (IMC), a South Africa-based specialist will contact 5-10 relevant partners in South Africa, present your company and products to them, gather their feedback, and prepare a report summarizing their feedback, including Commercial Service recommendations for next steps. The program helps companies determine if the market is substantial enough to merit further investigation or travel to the market. Many US clients have used the Initial Market Check prior to committing to an International Partner Search or Gold Key Service. If the company decides to proceed with a Gold Key or International Partner Search based on the findings in the Initial Market Check, the fee paid for the Initial Market Check will be subtracted from the Gold Key fee.

Cost: $250.

Delivery: Please allow 3 weeks to prepare

To discuss this service for South Africa or as a multi-stop in Cape Town and Johannesburg, please contact Mike Calvert at mike.calvert@trade.gov

Platinum Key Service (PKS)

Utilizing the Platinum Key Service, U.S. businesses can attain comprehensive, customized support on a range of issues on which the company needs longer-term, sustained assistance. The service is solution-oriented and tailored to the client's needs through a mutually agreed upon scope of work.

The Platinum Key Service can include a range of issues including, but not limited to, identifying markets, launching products, developing major project opportunities and providing government tender support, helping to reduce market access barriers and assistance on regulatory or technical standards matters.

Ongoing service is available for six months, one year, or a specified time frame based on the mutually agreed-upon scope of work.

For more information contact mike.calvert@trade.gov

Cost: Negotiable based on scope of work

Delivery: On-going service for 6 months, 1 year, or agreed upon time frame

Customized Market Research (CMR)

Do you have questions about South Africa you need answered? What is the potential market for your product or service in South Africa? Is your product subject to safety standards? Who are your competitors? Do you need fast, customized market research that answers your specific business questions?

You will be making the right business decision when you contact CS South Africa for answers. Our staff of Commercial Specialists can help you identify and evaluate key dynamics of the South African market, and to understand the opportunities and challenges it offers.

We can provide customized market research for companies with specific questions, such as the overall marketability of a product or service, market trends and size, customary distribution and promotion practices, market entry requirements, regulations, product standards and registration, key competitors, and potential agents, distributors, or strategic partners. We can reach out to our vast network of industry associations, government agencies, importers, distributors, end-users, and manufacturers to provide you with information critical to your success in South Africa.

You will receive a report tailored to meet your specific business needs, addressing your particular questions regarding the South African market for your product/service. You have the flexibility to design your own question/set of questions. Price --which will be quoted to you prior to initiation of service-- is dependent on the level of detail involved, the availability of information, and the time required to conduct the research. Report content and turn-around time will be discussed with you and agreed upon ahead of time.

Prefer a more personal approach?

Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology! We will provide answers to up to five specific questions previously discussed and agreed upon. You will receive a written report with the answers you need. A video meeting with the U.S. Commercial Specialist in South Africa will follow to discuss the findings. Price --which will be quoted to you prior to providing the service-- covers the customized research and up to one hour of video conferencing with the specialist.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our customized market research services.

Business Information Services (BIS)

Are you interested in sourcing a particular U.S. product or service?

Or perhaps you are trying to locate a local agent of a U.S. company for parts for your machinery? Use our Business Information Services. We have a large network of information resources to assist you in finding your U.S. products or services, and will have an answer ready for you in 48 hours! We accept inquiries by telephone, fax and email, or submit your inquiry by using the Library Inquiry form below.

Business Information Service

Telephone: +27 11 290 3227 (Office hours)

Fax: +27 11 884 0253

Email: mike.calvert@trade.gov

We will respond to all inquiries in 48 hours

We will respond to all inquiries in 48 hours

This form is exclusively for Trade Information Inquiries on Importing from the U.S., please do not use it for employment, visa information or exporting to the U.S. inquiries.

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