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Post your services on our Website

The U.S. Embassy, Commercial Section's offering well-established service providers in Korea the opportunity to add their firms' information, contacts and links to our website for USD 300 per year for SMEs* and USD 600 per year for large companies*. Currently, we receive over 44,000 hits per month on our website and many visit to obtain information on trusted service providers like banks, hotels, law firms, accounting firms, advertising and so on prior to entering Korea. This will be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the name recognition of the U.S. Embassy in Korea to publicize your company's information to the right people and reach out to U.S. firms needing your services in Korea.

If you are interested, please contact us at:


With the following information:

a) a description of your firm
b) a logo and
c) contact information (address, phone, fax, website, email and contact person).

Our Web Posting Fees are as follows:

SME Company: USD 300/first year and USD 150/following years
Large Company: USD 600/first year and USD 300/following years

*A Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) is defined as a firm with 500 or fewer employees or self-certified as a small business under SBA regulations.  A large company is defined as a firm with more than 500 employees.  Subsidiaries wil be classified based on the size of the parent company.

The BSP directory is intended to provide an additional resource to U.S. exporters doing business in this geographic area. The BSP directory is not comprehensive. Inclusion does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service. We have performed limited due diligence research; but we strongly recommend that you perform your own due diligence investigation and background research on any company. We assume no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the providers listed. We reserve the right not to list any particular company.