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Single Location Promotion

Our Service Includes:

Single Location Promotion (SLP) is a fee-based service offered to a U.S. economic development organization (EDO) representing a state, city, town, or region to promote individual jurisdictions as a destination for FDI. Tailor-made events will be organized by FCS posts such as: seminars, presentations, business-to-business meetings, government-to-government meetings, receptions, and other events that enable the U.S. location to promote itself to potential foreign investors. FCS posts will develop a scope of work to propose to the client. The mutually agreed-upon items will be executed by FCS posts. Fees paid by U.S. EDOs are on a cost-recovery basis. The SLP cannot be used by an EDO to request that FCS performs lead generation or matchmaking functions, as they violate geographic neutrality.

Cost: Please contact heesook.baik@trade.gov for more information

Delivery: 6 – 8 weeks

For more information, e-mail heesook.baik@trade.gov