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Trade Promotion

Trade Exhibits

CS Spain provides various levels of support for U.S. exporters seeking a direct presence at trade exhibitions in Spain. CS Spain provides in-depth counseling to all potential U.S. exporters regarding the various sector-specific trade exhibitions held throughout Spain each year. CS Spain will discuss the U.S. exporter’s specific goals in the Spanish market and then recommend the Spanish trade exhibition that will most likely meet the U.S. exporter’s stated goals. CS Spain will then assist the U.S. exporter in directly contacting the show organizer of the trade exhibition in order to arrange direct participation. Fee: Free-of-charge.

Single Company Promotion/Technical Presentation Event

Offers individual or groups of companies a high visibility venue arranged by CS Spain to present their products or services to a tailored audience of Spanish clients. The requesting company provides input for the specific venue and audience. Events generally include a 1 to 3-hour program initiated by an official U.S. Government welcome, followed by detailed company presentations and a question/answer session. Event price includes official CS Spain event space with presentation equipment, audience development costs, and light refreshments. Available within 4-6 weeks of request. Fee: Priced on an event-by-event basis. Historical price range for this service is $1,000 to $3,000 plus an additional fee for the cost of simultaneous translation. (Costs for simultaneous translation range between $370 and $1,200 depending on the length of the presentation).

Video Market Briefing

The Video Market Briefing provides custom market information for U.S. businesses to help them identify and evaluate key dynamics of the market prior to formal entry. An important objective of the Video Market Briefing is to help clients identify and understand the opportunities and challenges of the Spanish market. Types of market intelligence provided by a Video Market Briefing include key competitors, regulatory issues, local distribution channels, and market demographics. Also, CS Spain offers video-conference programming for groups or individual companies. Group video-conferences generally consist of a 1 to 2-hour program with U.S. and Spanish audiences focusing on specific industry/service issues. Fee: The base fee is determined in discussions between the relevant domestic and overseas offices. Additional costs may vary depending on line charges.

For more information or to order these services, please contact US Commercial Service Spain