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Gold Key Service

The Gold Key program provides a customized appointment service designed to familiarize a company with the Swedish market so that the company can develop a business plan for Sweden. We believe it is a key to visit the market and gain first-hand experience before making final plans on how to sell your product here. The Gold Key Service is ideal for doing that. We arrange a market orientation briefing and scheduled appointments with local agents, distributors, customers, associations and/or potential joint venture partners. In disucssion with the client, we arrange appointments with the key organizations that can give you the information you need to make market decisions about your product in Sweden.

The Commercial Specialists contact potential local companies on your behalf, schedule the meetings for you, provide you with a market briefing and accompany you to the meetings.

Starting May 1, 2008 the fee for Gold Key Service is for a small and medium sized company,  $700 for the first day of appointments, and $300 for each additional day. For a large company (more than 500 employees), the first day is $2,300 and the additional day $1,000.

Also as a new service we offer the New to Export  companies the first ever Gold Key for the price of $350 for the first day and $150 for additional day. Delivery time varies from four to six weeks, depending on the industry sector.

Video Gold Key

If you are unable to travel to Sweden at this point, you have the option of making the initial contact with potential agents and distributors through our videoconferencing services. Together with the Export Assistance Center near you we will set up a videoconference and you will have your meetings online. The cost for this service is currently $800.

Please note that the time difference between Sweden and the US varies from 6 to 9 hours.

For more information on both services, please contact office.stockholm@trade.gov

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