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U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Embassy

93/1 GPF Witthayu Building, Tower A, Suite 302
Wireless Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Phone: 662-205-5090
Email: office.bangkok@trade.gov

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Bangkok Staff

Michael McGee, Senior Commercial Officer
Phone: 662-205-5280
Email: Michael.McGee@trade.gov

Dean Matlack, Deputy Senior Commercial Officer
Phone: 662-205-5263
Email: Dean.Matlack@trade.gov

Peter Fowler, Commercial Officer (Intellectual Property Rights)
Phone: 662-205-5913
Email: Peter.Fowler@trade.gov

Teerin Charoenpot, Senior Intellectual Property Specialist
Phone: 662-205-5886
Email: Teerin.Charoenpot@trade.gov
: Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Plant Variety Protection, Trade Secret, Geographical Indication and Etc.

Cheepchanok Chernkwanma, Intellectual Property Specialist
Phone: 662-205-5199
Email: Cheepchanok.Chernkwanma@trade.gov
: Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Plant Variety Protection, Trade Secret, Geographical Indication and Etc.

Wanwemol Charukultharvatch, Senior Commercial Specialist
Phone: 662-205-5272
Email: Wanwemol.Charukultharvatch@trade.gov
: Agriculture, Chemical, Machinery, Food Processing and Packaging, Veterinary Equipment and Supplies, Pet Food and Supplies, Commodities and Consumer Food Products

Nalin Phupoksakul, Senior Commercial Specialist
Phone: 662-205-5275
Email: Nalin.Phupoksakul@trade.gov
: Clean Technology, Pollution Control Equipment, Renewable Energy Equipment, Electrical Power Systems, Water Resources Equipment & Service, Oil & Gas Machinery and Services

Kitisorn Sookpradist, Commercial Specialist
Phone: 662-205-5279
Email: Kitisorn.Sookpradist@trade.gov
: Aircraft and Parts, Airport and Ground Support Eq., Aviation Services, Aircraft Maintenance, Defense Electronics, Munitions

Oraphan Boonyalug, Commercial Specialist
Phone: 662-205-5241
Email: Oraphan.Boonyalug@trade.gov
: Computer Software, Computers/Peripherals, Telecommunications Equipment, Telecommunications Services, Movies and Films, Business Travel Services, Leisure Travel Services

Kornluck Tantisaeree, Commercial Specialist
Phone: 662-205-5242
Email: Kornluck.Tantisaeree@trade.gov
: Biotechnology, Dental Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Medical Equipment, Drugs and Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Services

Thanyathorn Voravongsatit, Commercial Specialist
Phone: 66-2-205-5282
Email: Thanyathorn.Voravongsatit@trade.gov
: Investment in the U.S., Education Service, Computer-Aided Training, Education/Training Equipment and Supplies, English as a second language

Suttharud Liangwonnaporn, Commercial Assistant
Phone: 662-205-5260
Email: Suttharud.Liangwonnaporn@trade.gov
: Consumer Products, Audio Visual and Electronics Eq., Sporting Goods, General Services, Etc.

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