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The U.S. Commercial Service, at the American Embassy in Bangkok, facilitates the certification and legalization of documents as required by Thai government agencies, in order to support the importation and sales of U.S. products and services in the Thai market. The documents include the Treaty of Amity, Product Registration, and Certification of Representation.

The types of document may include:

  • Certificate to Foreign Government-USFDA
  • Certificate to Foreign Government
  • Certificate of Free Sale-State Office
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • ISO Certificate-Conformity Assessment Bodies
  • Certificate of Representation’
  • Other document, such as Certificate of Manufacturer, Ingredients Listing Certificate, Letter of Confirmation, etc.

Please note that the standard timeframe for completing a certification service is 3-5 business days, from the time payment is received and the original documents are delivered to us. The following fees apply by payment method, per one signature/document:

  • US$80: For certification and legalization, paid by credit card. (Made online through a secure link our office will provide.)
  • US$120: For certification and legalization, that requires 24-hour expedited processing. (The requests will be accommodated only when there is an authorized officer available, so please contact us to confirm it can be accommodated.)

We require the following from you in order to complete your requests:

  • An original or photocopy of the certificate
  • An original notarization and a Notary Public’s signature
  • Download client request form and fill in all the required fields.

Please note that we will not process any document that has not been notarized nor bear a photocopy of the notarization.

Certification Service