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Customized Market Research (CMR)

CS Bangkok's CMR services provide U.S. firms with customized, in-depth information on Thai markets. Given each company's individual needs and objectives, you have the option to customize your own questionnaire and/or choice from our Core Menu of standardized questions. To take full advantage of our resources and service opportunities, we highly recommend you first contact a U.S. Commercial Service Trade Specialist.

CMRs can help U.S. Companies to determine:

Overall Marketability of a Product/Service

Current Market Trends

Market Size/Demand

Statistical data on Import/Export

Customary Distribution Channels

Traditional Promotional Practices

Industry Sources

Significant developments in the Industry

Requirement for Market Entry

Government Regulations

Regulatory Environment and Legislation

Product Standards and Registration

Key Competitors

Potential Agents, Distributors, Strategic Partners


The price is determined through post-client negotiation.


Individualized Reports are completed within 10 working days from the receipt of order and payment. Delivery time for a complete CMR report is based on the complexity, time, and research involved.

To order

1. Complete the Client Questionnaire and return by fax or email

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