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Platinum Key Service (PKS)

The Platinum Key Service aims to help your company make decision improvements and headway in achieving your business objectives and succeeding in the Thai business world. Readily equipped with an American Officer Staff and a Thai Trade Specialist, the PKS is oriented to help you develop a sustainable business plan. In working closely with our staff, we help you to create and implement a customized strategic business plan with comprehensive analysis and detailed, goal-oriented solutions necessary for long-term success.

Past PKS projects have included:

  • Establishing your company in the Thai market
  • Increasing brand recognition and consumer awareness of your product/service
  • Addressing key issues such as custom clearance, regulatory requirements, product registration
  • Assisting to set-up local companies
  • Identifying barriers to entry
  • Bidding on major projects
  • Establishing joint ventures
  • Finding local business partners to market and sell your products/services


$3,000.00/case (typically). Service will be priced according to the expected work outlined in the individual Scope of Work contract.


Counseling typically ranges from six months to a year

To Order

1. Complete the Platinum Key Questionnaire and return by fax or email

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