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The U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Fair Certification Program has granted Trade Fair Certification to the U.S. Pavilion at Defense & Security 2013. The show, which is being held in Bangkok, Thailand in November, proved to be an excellent venue for American companies to showcase their products to a broad international market at previous events.

Certification was based on this previous success. Areas featured in 2012 included aerospace, airport security, and a wide variety of defense and security technologies.

Certification of Defense & Security by the US Department of Commerce was based on the previous success in providing opportunities for US exhibitors seeking business in Thailand and throughout South East Asia.

For over four years Thailand’s military has seen annual funding increase by an average of over 4 billion (USD). And to ensure continuity and modernization of the country’s armed forces, US manufacturers are expected to retain their position as the largest supplier of defense equipment to the country.

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