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The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand is delighted to provide a briefing on the Thai study abroad education market via the Direct Line Program, which provides a unique opportunity for American businesses, particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises, to engage directly via teleconference with U.S. Ambassadors overseas.

Topic:  Attracting Thai Students to Study in the United States
Host:  Ambassador Kristie A. Kenney
Time: Thursday, October 3, 2013; 8:00 p.m. EDT
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Brief Description of Call: 

Talented Thai students are increasingly seeking educational opportunities abroad and U.S. educational institutions provide many attractive, world class options.  There is a great opportunity for American colleges, universities and schools to recruit promising Thai students to enrich campus life culturally and intellectually. Hosted by Ambassador Kristie Kenney, U.S. educational institutions will learn about the market potential for Thai students and ways to effectively recruit them.  You will hear the personal experiences of a Thai student who studied in the U.S. and gain information from the Embassy’s Consular Section on student visa considerations.  Please join us for this timely and informative webinar conversation!

Thailand Education Snapshot:

In Thailand, demand for Study Abroad continues to grow as the nation prepares for integration in 2015 with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The AEC aims to transform ASEAN into a single market economy with free movement of goods, services, investment, skilled labor, and freer flow of capital. Higher skilled labor will be required to take advantage of this new market and the English language will increasingly be used to conduct business in these countries.

By end of 2012, there were 39,000 students studying at international schools in Thailand. Thai parents are paying more attention to the value of educating their children abroad. Student exchange and summer programs are popular among youth and high school students in Thailand and there is a growing trend for these students to pursue higher education abroad. According to the Institute of International Education Open Doors 2012 Report, the 7,626 Thai students currently studying in the USA are enrolled in over 616 different universities.