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What are the Special Visas and/or Work Permits Required?

Non-Immigrant 'B' Visas

If entering Thailand for business purposes, the Immigration Department requires a non-immigrant Business or ‘B’ visa. Application for this visa must be made outside of Thailand. The application should be accompanied by two passport-size photos and a letter from a sponsoring company indicating the length and purpose of visit. The visa will be valid for 90 days for a single entry visa or 180 days for multiple entries, and may be sufficient for conducting business initially.

Work Permit

The Alien Occupation Law requires that non-Thais obtain a work permit prior to working in Thailand. A prospective employer or sponsor must file the application for the work permit with the Ministry of Labor, and a non-immigrant visa must be obtained from a Thai Embassy before the work permit application is filed. Currently, the sponsoring Thai company is usually required to show proof of a minimum registered capital of about Bt 3 million.

39 Restricted Occupations

1. Labor

2. Work in agriculture, fishery, forestry

3. Masonry, carpentry or other construction

4. Woodcarving

5. Driving Motor or non-motor vehicles

6. Shop Attendant

7. Auctioneering

8. Accounting

9. Gem cutting

10. Haircutting

11. Hand Weaving

12. Mat weaving

13. Paper Manufacturing

14. Lacquer ware Manufacturing

15. Thai Music Instrument Manufacturing

16. Nielloware Manufacturing

17. Goldsmith

18. Bronze ware Manufacturing

19. Thai Doll Making

20. Mattress Manufacturing

21. Alms Bowl Manufacturing

22. Manual Silk Product Making

23. Buddha Image Making

24. Knife Manufacturing

25. Umbrella Fabrication

26. Shoemaking

27. Hat Making

28. Brokerage

29. Dressmaking

30. Pottery

31. Cigarette Rolling

32. Legal Service

33. Clerical Work

34. Silk Weaving

35. Thai Character Type Setting

36. Hawking

37. Tourist Guide

38. Architectural

39. Civil Engineering

One Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permits

The Center is aimed to facilitate foreign investors to handle all aspects of visa extension and issuance of work permits, including work permit extensions, issuance of re-entry permits, and changes in type of visa to non-immigrant for all nationals. Read more