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Six Tips for Success in Turkey

1. Identify a strong local partner

It will require time, treasure and talent to ensure your American exporting firm’s success in Turkey. Finding a local partner with market knowledge, contacts, and a local number for your customers to call is imperative. Our office can help your U.S. firm conduct due diligence on Turkish companies, and much more. See our list of services for more information.

2. Bring financing to the table

Many U.S firms will require 100% pre-payment before shipping to Turkey. This can be a deal killer, as many European firms will offer more competitive terms. Utilize available financing options such as export credit insurance or other mechanisms to mitigate risk and close the deal.

3. Get your CE marking

As a member of the European Union Customs Union, Turkey requires a CE marking (European Union Standards/certification conformity) on all goods imported into this country. Invest now in a CE mark to expand your business throughout the EU, Turkey, and other Customs Union members.

4. Understand the local culture

Don’t start meetings by talking business. Do start with small (but important!) talk with your business partner about family, hobbies, travels and mutual interests. Establish a personal relationship. For more information, request a copy of our 2013 Country Commercial Guide.

5. Use Turkey as a platform for business in the CIS, Eastern Europe and the Middle East

Turkey’s geographical position and Turks’ ease of doing business in neighboring countries can extend your brand much further than Turkey. Think long-term about Turkey and surrounding markets and consider a regional approach to business development.

6. Use the resources of the U.S Commercial Service in Turkey

We work closely with small, medium and large Turkish size businesses. Get us involved early to get to market more quickly and cheaply.