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Webinar Series on Doing Business in Turkey

Sectoral Opportunities for American Exporters

Turkey is a dynamic emerging market with a young population of nearly 75 million people and enjoys a unique strategic position by being at the crossroads of Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. Turkey is among world’s top 20 economies and is dependent on imports to achieve one of the highest growth rates of the world. The country aspires to be in the world’s top ten economies by 2023, and U.S. sales to Turkey reached over $10 billion in 2010, that corresponds to a 40% increase over 2009.

The ongoing webinar series organized by the U.S. Commercial Service in Turkey will introduce the Turkish market to U.S. exporters and manufacturers with the aim of increasing American exports of goods and services to this country where there is strong European competition. Webinars cover the commercial environment in the country, basic market information and business opportunities for American exporters in key sectors.

Below is a calendar of webinars produced by the U.S. Mission Commercial Service in Turkey during 2013. Early registration is recommended due to limited space.

Turkish Healthcare Sector

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s, U.S. Commercial Service organized an Executive-Led Healthcare Trade Mission to Turkey on May 4-8, 2014. Turkey has a compelling economic success story to tell and its healthcare sector has followed suit. Turkish medical equipment market is a $3 billion market having registered 5-10% annual growth since 2002. Ninety percent of the market is dominated by imported medical products. With current government’s on-going investments in the healthcare sector, Turkey continues to be an attractive market for advanced and innovative American medical products. Mission participants were introduced to carefully vetted potential distributors, partners, procurement representatives and end users via pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings.

Prior to the Trade Mission, the U.S. Commercial Service organized a webinar in September 2013 for U.S. healthcare technologies companies that were interested in participating in this trade mission and wanted to get further information on Turkish healthcare market and trade mission itself.

For more information on Executive-Led Healthcare Trade Mission to Turkey, please visit http://www.export.gov/trademissions/turkeyhealthcare2014/.

Transportation Webinar Projects in Turkey: Rail & Ports & Highways (2013-2023)

As part of the U.S. Commercial Service Turkey webinar series to brief American exporters on market opportunities, Commercial Counselor Michael Lally, Transportation Business Leader Berrin Erturk and Turkish government and business leaders presented on Rail & Ports & Highways to 38 U.S. companies.