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• Contact Lists

A list of local companies tailored to your needs can be the first step on your road to success in Ukraine.

Whether you need to identify end users, importers, agent/distributors, or other potential partners, we can provide you with a list of screened companies that you can then contact directly.

We will use a variety of resources, including in-country databases and our own local expertise and contacts, to prepare a list of Ukrainian companies in the sub-sector or for the product/service of your choice. You will receive the list within ten business days from receipt of payment of the applicable fee.

The contact information for all the companies listed will have been reviewed and verified for accuracy. However, the Ukrainian company may or may not be an appropriate partner for your firm and it may or may not be interested in representing your products/services. We provide the information; you are responsible for following up with the firms contained in the listing to determine their suitability.

Cost: will vary depending on company size and scope of service. Price will be quoted to you prior to providing the service.

Delivery: 10 working days upon receipt of payment

Please do not hesitate to contact Irina Trubnikova for more information.