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• The Gold Key Service (GKS)

The Gold Key Service (GKS) is a custom-tailored service that combines orientation briefings, market research, tailored appointments for visiting U.S. firms with potential Ukrainian partners, logistical support, interpreting services (if requested), and assistance in developing follow-up strategies. The CS Kiev GKS will normally include up to 4 business appointments on the 1st day plus a briefing at the CS Office, and up to 4 meetings on the 2nd day if requested. The client company must submit 15 sets of promotional brochures or flyers 3-4 weeks prior to the GKS date. CS Kiev staff will start preparing GKS meetings upon receipt of the credit card payment or check. CS Kiev will arrange for interpreting services, car rental and hotel reservations upon request, at the client's expense. The client may also request an escort by a CS Kiev Commercial Specialist. There is an additional fee of US$150/day for this service. In some cases CS Kiev may provide GKS in other cities of Ukraine if the local business infrastructure and weather conditions permit. In this case, CS Kiev's GKS fee will be adjusted to include travel and communication expenses incurred by CS staff in preparing the client's travel.

Cost: Please refer to the User Fee Schedule

Delivery: Minimum 4 weeks upon receipt of payment

Please do not hesitate to contact Irina Trubnikova for more information.