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Trade Events

In the U.A.E.

U.S. companies interested in entering this region may like to consider participating in an exhibition appropriate for the product/service they offer at one of the numerous exhibitions that are held in the U.A.E. This country is an extremely popular destination for business persons within this entire region to meet prospective business partners on the show floor at exhibitions held in the U.A.E., an excellent way to find quality international import companies.

Local organizers have informed us that visitors to their events include persons from the Gulf Cooperative Countries (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and U.A.E.), the Levant which would include Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, the Indian Sub-continent which would include Nepal, Pakistan and India, the CIS countries, countries from Northern, Southern and Eastern Africa, and sometimes even European and Far Eastern countries.

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In the U.S.

Industry focused exhibitions in the U.S. which would be of interest to U.A.E. companies in chronological order.