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Energy-using Products (EuP)

EuP: Eco-Design and Energy Efficiency

Products which use sources of energy, such as televisions, computers, fans, lighting, will be subject to new EU energy efficiency requirements in the near future. With the adoption of a framework directive 2005/32/EC in 2005, the European Union regulator laid the groundwork for specific “implementing measures” affecting a broad range of energy using products (EUP). The goal is to minimize the use of energy at the design stage and throughout production, transport, packaging, etc. Products in compliance with EUP implementing measures can be easily recognized because they will carry a CE marking. The CE marking will cover relevant product safety as well as energy efficiency requirements if applicable.

For additional information and updates, please visit the Energy Related Products section of the Commercial Service European Union Office.

For UK specific information, please visit the Eco Design and Energy Related Products section of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)