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Platinum Key Service

The Platinum Key is a fee-based service designed to offer U.S. companies comprehensive, customized assistance with their business goals and strategies in the UK through long-term, dedicated support. Such support will be provided through a specific number of in-house consulting hours (typically 18, 36, or 72) spread over a specified period of time, but the program can be tailored more specifically to each client's particular needs. The Platinum Key is suitable for small, medium and large companies seeking, for instance:

  • insights into market opportunities
  • assistance in developing business partnerships
  • validation of and assistance in implementing market entry strategies
  • regular market updates
  • help with understanding and complying with regulatory processes
  • answers to specific questions about a market
  • or a combination of these

Each Platinum Key will follow a scope of work agreed between the client and assigned Commercial Specialist, leading to the delivery of agreed milestones and results.

For more information, please contact us at Office.London@trade.gov or contact the Commercial Specialist covering your industry through our Contact Us page.