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Market Research on Uruguay

In addition to country and sector specific market intelligence1, we can provide answers to the specific questions you may have regarding the Uruguayan market for your products or services.

Uruguay Country Commercial Guide

A comprehensive annual report on the general business environment in Uruguay with an emphasis on market access, investment issues and general information on the best prospect sectors in Uruguay.

Access Chapter 1: Doing Business in Uruguay for a brief synopsis of the information contained in this comprehensive report.

Customized Market Research

We provide answers to your specific questions, such as the overall marketability of your product or service, market trends and size, customary distribution and promotion practices, market entry requirements, regulations, product standards and registration, key competitors, and potential agents, distributors, or strategic partners. You have the flexibility to design your own question/set of questions. The fee varies depending on scope of research, level of detail involved, the availability of information, and the time required to process your request. The content and turn-around time are discussed and agreed upon ahead of time, between the company representative and the U.S. Commercial Service in Montevideo.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You will receive a reply to your request for information within two business days.

Due Diligence Reports

Manage your business risk. We can give you an in-depth confidential background report on the Uruguayan firm of your choice. The report will include: local company's contact information, size/approximate number of employees, products/services, financial and business references, company's reputation, post comments/evaluation. We will provide this report in 15 working days from payment. Please refer to the Commercial Service User Fee Schedule for price information.

For more information or to order this service please contact us. You will receive a reply to your request for information within two business days.