How do I obtain market research for a specific country and/or product?

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The National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) is one of the primary sources of export information from the federal government. The NTDB is a "must-have" resource, gathering international trade and economic data from over 20 different government agencies into one place. Among the over 200,000 documents, exporters can find:

Country Commercial Guides (CCG's) - a comprehensive view of selected country's commercial environment, including market conditions, economic situations, political environment, best export sectors, trade regulations, investment incentives, finance techniques, upcoming trade events, marketing strategies, services for exporters, business travel tips, etc. The CCG also lists important government and trade association contacts in the particular country. CCGs are available to U.S. companies free of charge at:

International Market Insight Reports - short profiles of specific foreign market conditions or opportunities prepared by the Dept. of Commerce's Commercial Service, the Department of State and multilateral development banks in overseas markets. The reports provide information on a dynamic aspect of a particular market. They may focus on specific projects, industry profiles, finance and marketing trends, regulation and import changes, trade show opportunities or government policy updates. IMIs are available to U.S. companies free of charge at:

Industry Sector Analysis Reports - in depth profiles of a selected industry subsector. They include an analysis of market opportunities, end users, competitors, market access, distribution channels, market barriers and financing options. The report lists several best sales prospects, trade promotion opportunities and in-country contacts. ISAs are available to U.S. companies free of charge at:

National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) - the NTDB provides companies with current sales leads from foreign firms seeking to buy or represent U.S. products and services. These trade leads are printed daily in leading commercial newspapers, such as the Journal of Commerce. The NTDB also offers market research, currency exchange information, and other valuable resources to exporters.   

In addition, many countries maintain their own web pages with business information specific to that country. For a list of foreign embassies in the United States on the web, check out Try linking to the country in which you are interested in doing business for more information.