Does the Federal Government have any programs to help advertise my products overseas?

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Commercial News USA - a catalog published 10 times a year to promote U.S. products and services in overseas markets. it is disseminated to business readers worldwide via U.S. embassies and consulates and international electronic bulletin boards; selected portions are also reprinted in certain newsletters. Exporters can advertise U.S. made products or services in Commercial News USA by visiting the internet at or contacting our office at (801) 255-1871.

International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) - U.S. exporters can also advertise through the IBB which is part of the United States Information Agency. IBB is the umbrella organization which includes Voice of America, Worldnet TV and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Voice of America broadcasts almost 700 hours of programming to an estimated audience of 86 million each week. They can peg a company's ads to different language broadcasts about a particular subject, (e.g. science information and technology, health and medicine) or target the ads to a specific region or country. For additional information, please contact the IBB by calling (202) 260-9052 EST.